Anyone who knows me knows I am all about accessories! French country accessories like gold vintage mirrors, cloches, cherubs, jardinieres, chippy corbels, etc. I love them all! When you have your neutral walls and furniture pieces accented with a little color from window treatments, pillows, and lamps, your accessories can really shine. 

We carried this gorgeous boy home from France in a backpack, and that was a labor of love considering her weighs at least 10 pounds. He came from a thrift store in Provence and will always be a wonderful memoir of our trip. 

Here you can see 4 of my 11 vintage mirrors. Sigh. My husband says I have a mirror problem. I say my problem is I don’t have enough mirrors. All of these came from FB Marketplace and were $20 or less. Yep, French decor on a budget is very possible. The white planter in the center of the mantle is a French jardiniere I scooped up at a second hand store. Jardiniere is French for Gardener. They are typically cast iron if they are vintage/antique and cast aluminum if they are newer reproduction pieces. Both can be used inside or outside. The rusty patina and green staining that comes from putting them outside only makes them more attractive. The French are all about bringing the outside in in the form of concrete pots and statutes, metal jardinieres, and metal furniture and accessories. These patinaed pieces add so much character and texture to your space.

And don’t forget to mix in the glitzy, gold pieces with the chippy, rusty pieces to keep the look elegant but cozy. French country accessories really allow your individual taste to shine because you can really glam it up or stay more comfy and worn. Additionally, this decor style works great for elegant neutrals and warm color rich palettes. So many possibilities!